Records, Documents, and Membership

Records, Documents, and Membership

Records And Documents
To obtain a copy of your baptism certificate, certificate of confirmation, marriage license, or any other document or letter, please deliver a written request to the rectory during office hours, along with a valid form of government identification.

If you are unable to come to the rectory in person, send your written request via fax to 718-421-4223 or via email to Remember to include your contact information, and a scan or a clear photograph of your ID in the communication.

NOTE: You will likely need to wait a few days after submitting your request to have your records ready to be picked up or mailed, so don’t delay requesting them if they will be required for something critical.

Parish Membership
If you would like to have collection envelopes mailed to your home, you will need to register as a member of St. Rose of Lima Parish. Visit the rectory during office hours and you will be asked to fill out a simple application form.

If you are unable to come to the rectory, you can print out and fill out the application located here, and send it via email or fax it to the rectory at 718-421-4223.