Food Donations
The St. Rose of Lima food pantry is stocked entirely by small donations from parishioners. If you are interested in donating food for the poor, please deliver it to the rectory (next door to the church). If nobody is available to receive your donation, simply leave it against the rectory door.

Please only donate non-perishable, unopened, non-expired items.

Examples Of Acceptable Items:
Canned macaroni
Canned meat/fish
Canned or bottled juice
Canned soup
Dehydrated meat
Dehydrated potatoes
Dehydrated soups
Dry beans
Dry pasta
Dry rice
Jarred condiments

Please refrain from donating anything that might need refrigeration.

All Other Donations (Clothing, religious supplies, books, small appliances, etc…)
Unfortunately, St. Rose of Lima Brooklyn has neither the necessary storage nor distribution systems for donations of clothing, religious supplies, books, or any household items. If clothing is left in the church or at the rectory, it will be discarded.

However, such items need not go to waste. If you want to make a donation of clothing, furniture, or any other household items, please consult the following links of nearby charities.

DonateNYC Donation Drop-Off Locator

Goodwill Store and Drop-Off Bin Locator

Schedule The Salvation Army To Pick Up Your Items